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released April 24, 2008



all rights reserved


OD Jo Joliet, Illinois

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Track Name: Bumble Bee
Don’t tease me baby
Don’t cause me no pain
When you’re playin’ your games
You always play ‘em with my brain
Walkin’ around here
With your head in the sky
Well I always say please
But I never cry

I’m your bumble bee
I’ll buzz around your scene
You’re my juicy flower
I want to taste your nectar

I’ll tell you straight
You know my intentions ain’t good
Because you got that fire
And I’m feedin’ it wood
When I get that itchin’
All I need is a scratch
Come over here kitty
And purr on my lap

I’m your bumble bee
I’ll buzz around your scene
You’re my juicy flower
I want to taste your nectar

Don’t tease me baby
Don’t cause me no pain
Still playin’ your games
And it drives me insane
Lovin’ is easy
Don’t you know what I mean
You can call me your milk man
Because I’ll always make you cream
Track Name: Down Groovin'
I went down, down mama
God knows your rhythm gets me high
I went down, down mama
God knows your rhythm gets me high
Because you got it all
Sweet cherry bottom
And apple pie

Take me down, down mama
City boy learn how to swim
Take me down, down mama
City boy learn how to swim
Because you make that groove
Look so fine
You know I gotta jump right in
Track Name: Second Class
He reminiscing ‘bout old times
Who’s listening
They were his glory days
Wipes the spit from the corners of his mouth
His lack of hygiene is sure to amaze

He puts on sweat pants
Walks down to the corner
Seems to be his daily routine
The store clerk always says hi
He ignores her
He’s flipping through nudy magazines

His fridge is full of fast food and condiments
His closet is full of skeletons
Never owned himself no motorcycle
But his shirts say Harley Davidson

Just like these people walkin' our streets
Seems like they ain’t doin' fine
They’re in our churches and on our T.V.s
They’re standing in the unemployment line
They’ve got their own style
Of which they can’t hide

The governor is giving a speech
About what’s best for this town
He got a lead on your property
And that’s fifteen million down - who’s down
We can’t give any more
We can’t hide
And the rich are catching us to survive
Track Name: Assisted Living Devil
Sitting by my lonesome
Just about to fall asleep
Someone’s wrapping at my front door
So I get up to see
I look into the darkness
But I can’t believe my eyes
He said,
“My name is Lucifer
And I come here to die”
I said I’m very flattered
But why have you chosen me
He said,
“Your life is very simple boy
And I need to rest in peace”
I pondered the idea
But before I could agree
A band strikes and choir full of demons
Start to sing

Will you cook him breakfast
And fix his lunch
His blood sugar is very low
He needs something to munch
Fresh linen at his bedside
Warm water in his tub
The devils on his death bed
And right now he needs you love

I take his bags
And said come in
You could use some relaxation
It’s a long travel from hell
For a man in your condition
He said,
“I’m much obliged
But how can I repay you son”
I said,
“You’ve helped me out before
Lets say I owe you one”

I pick up his prescriptions
And drop them off again
And in his final hour
I took him by the hand
I ask him how we’ll all be
After he resigns
He says “boy I’m the devil
I’m with you all the time”
Track Name: Blue Mountain Grass
Tweedlee-dae Tweelee-doo
Sailed their front door
To the mountain that’s blue
Blue Mountain
It came down quick
Just a couple of screws
Then they charted out
Their Caribbean cruse

Along the way
Sharks nip at their feet
It’s a long hard battle
But they got to retreat
To blue mountain

The sun so hot
They ain’t movin' fast
Need the shade
Of that mountain grass

About a mile off shore
A turtle did laugh
He said, You better pay my toll
Or you got to go back
Hell no! They got to go

They paddle past him
As fast as they can
Finally land on Jamaican sand
So they climbed so high
And never look down
Track Name: She's Coming Home
I’m on the floor all a mess
While she is in her Sunday dress
Dancing in front of the window
All I see is her silhouette
The sun is gently sketching it
On the floor right by my side
Don’t pull the shade
I’ll die

Hey lover can I get a tear
I’ve shed a cup for you my dear
Add some of that sugar
And it’s fine
Until the morning settles in
She is out that door again
I am in the dust
She’s on the road
Milk cartons never told
The story’s getting old

Still on the floor all a mess
Now dreaming of that Sunday

She built a fire and left me cold
Does she still lay the same
In her bedroom painted gray
Lock the door she’s coming home
Track Name: A Greasy Love Squeeze
I’ve got my collar poppin’
Belt buckle made of gold
My chain is always rockin'
Or so I have been told

Love off greasy money
In the land of milk and honeys
I’ve got it pretty easy
Keep my mind on my own time

My hairs as slick as black ice
My shades are lookin' mean
These guys all want to throw down
These ladies want a squeeze

Love off greasy money
In the land of milk and honeys
I ain’t ever leavin'
I think I lost my keys

My game is locked and loaded
My style’s squeaky clean
My zipper just exploded
I’m too big for this scene

Love off greasy money
In the land of milk and honeys
I make it look so easy
But I’d like to see you try
Track Name: Hey Old Man
Hey old man
You don’t make much sense
Always pointing you finger
At innocents
Mind made up by the government
Then you drown your thoughts
In booze
I’ve finally realized
That you don’t know much
But may know more than I do
Found some useless knowledge
Towards the bottom
Of your bottle

Hey man
Don’t you try to tell me
If the path I choose
Is not the one intended
Just don’t try to find me
Track Name: Mother Earth
Several days have ended
Several days are gone
Living in the present
Presents a sense of love
For those who’ve died in her arms
This lady we all know
Raise your cup in peace
Let these people know

Keep your hand my brother
This is not a dream
What more can we do
This has all been foreseen
Let’s put these hands together
Divide these minds from harm
With our mother in our shadows
We must overcome the wrong

Don’t look towards the future
Take care in the now
Deep inside yourself
There is the why
And there’s the how
The moon won’t always glow
The sun won’t always shine
A glisten in the snow
A shimmer in the tide

We are man of land
We are man of sky
The products that we sell
Will jeopardize all life
Overseas and under
Crossing every line
Consuming all that’s offered
One step at a time